August 1  12:00 pm

Matthiessen State Park
Trail closures at Starved Rock State Park have meant more visitors to the neighboring Matthiessen State Park in LaSalle County.  Trails have been closed at Starved Rock since storms on June 30 downed trees. Mathiessen Park Superitendent Mark McConnaughhay says the Starved Rock trail closures have "put more people on the trails at Matthiessen" than he's seen in "quite some time."

Farm Equipment Lee County
Vintage farm equipment including tractors, corn shredders and potato diggers will be on display Saturday and Sunday in Lee County.  The Living History Antique Equipment Association is staging the 25-acre exhibition of old-fashioned farm implements in the village of Franklin Grove this weekend.   Association President Dave Shaw says that the show has doubled in size during the past two decades and nearly 400 pieces of machinery will be on view. 

Streator City Manager
Streator’s new city manager will be taking the helm at the end of the year. At a press conference yesterday afternoon, Scot Wrighton spoke about how he is excited to begin his second tenure for the city of Streator. One of Wrighton’s main points was how to maintain the sustainability by delivering “longer, faster, and cheaper.” Wrighton said that he has gone off the normal path of a city manager from going from a small community to a larger one then back to a small one and has had “no regrets.” While he did not speak on any of the current issues, he said he will be ready to help advance the plans set forth by the Mayor and city council.

Financial Aid Extensions
Illinois Valley Community College announced that financial aid extensions are being offered. School officials say the extension is available for students who have yet to apply for financial aid or have not yet enrolled in classes and that cannot pay tuition themselves.   Extensions can be requested through August 14th and a down payment must be made by August 22nd

Moline Rescue
Harnesses and other safety equipment are being credited with saving the lives of two men who were stranded in a bucket lift 120 feet in the air in northwestern Illinois. Moline Fire Department spokesman Jim Versluis says that without the training and safety gear the men would have fallen to the ground Thursday. Officials say the workers were preparing to caulk a church tower when the machine's hydraulics failed.
Illinois July Climatology

Illinois Climatology
This past month matched the coolest July in recorded Illinois history. That's according to the state climatologist. Jim Angel says the statewide average temperature in July was 70.3 degrees. The cool weather was standard last month across much of the Midwest, with temperatures running 4 to 8 degrees below average.