Updated 4/24/14 4:55 AM

Overhead Door Fatality- Grand Ridge
A Grand Ridge man has died after he was pinned under an overhead door. According to the La Salle County Sheriff's Department, deputies were called out to a residence on East 18th Road at 6 PM Tuesday afternoon. Upon arrival, authorities found 56-year old Steven Lehr at an outbuilding on the property pinned under a door. Lehr was pronounced dead the scene

Wedron Water
Wedron residents with officials from the US and Illinois Environment Protection Agency in Serena Wednesday night for more groundwater updates. On-site coordinator Steve Faryan updated residents on their new data results, which he said have not changed much over the past few months. Faryan said some tests were delayed because of the cold and snowy weather over the winter season. Officials said air quality monitors are in the process of being ordered to be placed in several places in Wedron along with south of the village. Officials hope to have more test results in time for the next meeting, which is projected to take place in August.
Mendota Fire
Mendota firefighters were called out for a second consecutive day for a large fire. According to the Mendota Fire Department, firefighters were called out to an upstairs apartment just after 9:30 Tuesday night. Authorities say firefighters encounter heavy smoke upon arriving in the apartment and found the fire in the bathroom. The bathroom was heavily damaged by the fire while the rest of the apartment sustained heavy smoke damage. Authorities say the fire looks to be electrical in nature, but they are still determining the cause. No injuries were reported in the blaze.

Attempted Murder on Estranged Wife
 A 20-year prison sentence has been handed a Casey man who pleaded to attempted murder charges in connection with an attack on his estranged wife. Henry Bice initially pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted first-degree murder and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon for the stabbing of his estranged wife. The aggravated battery charge was dropped as part of the plea agreement.

Twitter Fakery
 No criminal charges will be filed against a man accused of creating a fake Twitter account in the name of Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis. According to the county's top prosecutor, a state law against impersonating a public official says the offense must be carried out in person but doesn't mention the use of the Internet. A police raid last week has sparked criticism that Ardis abused his power and violated free speech rights.

Pipe Bombs Airman
 A Scott Air Force Base airman has admitted having three pipe bombs at his home. Documents say Justin Vangilder told an informant he fantasized about killing child molesters but there's no indication he planned to target anyone on the base. He'll be sentenced in August.

Serial Killer
 The family a Chicago-area man who vanished in 1978 says it now has some closure. Edward Beaudion's (boh-DWANZ') remains have been identified as part of an effort to ID serial killer John Wayne Gacy's victims. Gacy wasn't involved in the death but the family thought he might have been and supplied DNA. The man who authorities believe killed Beaudion died last year.

Body in Missouri
 A Missouri man accused of killing a woman and dumping her body along a road in southern Illinois has pleaded not guilty to murder charges. Brandon Banks was arrested in January, two days after Marsha Ann Brown's body was found near Makanda (muh-KAN'-duh). Banks was arraigned Wednesday in Jackson County.

ISU President
The former Illinois State University president has pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct. Timothy Flanagan resigned last month after a grounds crew worker said he was assaulted last December outside the university-owned presidents' residence. Flanagan says he yelled at the worker but never touched him. He quit after just seven months at ISU.