News October 20   5:35 am

Amboy 7 year old
 A Lee County man has been arrested in connection with an ATV crash in August that killed a 7-year-old girl from the city of Amboy. Prosecutors say that 34-year-old Brian Dees, of Amboy, was arrested Friday after toxicology results came back showing he had heroin and cocaine in his system when he was driving the all-terrain vehicle.
The ATV struck a deer and went into a ditch.  Charges including aggravated DUI with an accidental death. Dees is jailed, and his bond has yet to be set.

Ashton Police Chief
Authorities still don't know what caused the death of the police chief in the Lee County village of Ashton.   Fifty-two-year-old Darrell Farringer was found unresponsive in his vehicle Thursday evening north of Amboy. Lee County Sheriff John Varga says authorities believe Farringer's vehicle veered into a cornfield as a result of a medical issue.   Farringer had been chief of police since September 2012. He was off duty at the time of his death.

Bra Theft
A Chicago woman was arrested last week following a theft at Peru Mall. Peru Police Department officials say they arrested 29-year old Latasha Childs Thursday Night after she stole over $1,300 worth of bras at Victoria's Secret at the mall. Officials say Childs was taken to the LaSalle County Jail and her bond was set at $40,000. 
Authorities say they were called to the mall after Childs alledgely left the store with the merchandise. Officers later found Childs inside of the mall's theatre. Police Chief Doug Bernabei says that Childs is also a person of interest in the theft of $7,700 worth of merchandise from the same store from July through September.

Early voting is set to get underway in Illinois.
People can cast their ballots from Monday through Nov. 2 at sites around the state. The Illinois State Board of Elections website has a database to help voters find their assigned polling places.   Democratics and Republicans are working hard to get their respective bases to vote early this election, rather than waiting until Nov. 4 — particularly in the tight governor's race between Gov. Pat Quinn and GOP challenger Bruce Rauner.

Early voting for the November 4th election begins in La Salle County today. La Salle County Clerk JoAnn Carretto says her office will be open Monday through Friday from 8 AM till 4:30 PM until November 2nd. Early voting will also be held on the next two Saturdays from 8 until noon and Sunday, November 2nd from 1 until 4 PM. Carretto reminds those who would like to vote early do not need their ID cards as previously required by law. Those who would like to vote absentee can obtain the application at the county website or by calling Carretto’s office and request to have it mailed.

Ebola Scam
The Better Business Bureau and several government agencies are warning the public to be on the lookout for scams related to the Ebola virus.  Steve J. Bernas is president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving northern Illinois.   In an emailed statement, Bernas says scammers have moved quickly to take advantage of the public's fear about the deadly virus. The scams include con artists soliciting donations to fake charities that claim to provide relief for victims. Others say they're selling stock for companies they claim have found a cure.
Ottawa Heroin Bust
Two people were arrested recently in Ottawa as part of a big heroin bust. Tri-County Drug Enforcement Narcotics officials say agents arrested 22-year old Mason Jackson of Chicago and 32-year old Angela Trowbridge of Ottawa after they allegedly delivered heroin to undercover agents. Authorities say they found 68 bags of additional heroin on Jackson after they arrested him.
Both were charged with unlawful delivery of a controlled substance and taken to the La Salle County Jail. Jackson’s bail was set at $2 million, while Trowbridge has a bail set at $1 million.

George Lucas Museum

 George Lucas is filling in details on his planned art and movie memorabilia museum, including how he settled on Chicago as a location over his hometown of San Francisco, California. The "Star Wars" creator told the Chicago Ideas Week forum on Friday that wife Mellody Hobson had had enough after years of what he described as "doodling around" by San Francisco. Hobson is a Chicago native and prominent businesswoman.