Updated: September 17th, 6:13 AM

Streator School Donation
A Streator School has received some good news and a donation.  Yesterday morning, the principal at Centennial School says they received a check for $3300 from the concert organizer.  50 volunteers from Centennial School volunteered at the Concerts for a Cause concert in Peru in August, and the money will be used towards new technology equipment.
Spilled Coffee Wreck
Spilled Coffee reportedly caused a 3 vehicle crash in DeKalb County yesterday morning.  DeKalb County Sheriff’s Deputies say a 45 year old Kirkland man was reaching for his coffee when it spilled in his lap, causing him to jerk the steering wheel and go into the opposite lane and  colliding with a mack truck.  The truck tipped on its side, and flying debris from the collisson then struck a third car.  Only the Mack Truck driver was injured, and the man with the spilled coffee was ticketed for improper lane use.   
Crops in Great Shape
Despite the recent shot of chilly weather, crops remain in great shape throughout the area. La Salle Farm Bureau President Monty Whipple says the chilly weather may have slowed down crop growth, but it is not killing off the crops. Whipple said the area should be looking at near record to record yields in the upcoming harvest season. The USDA recently came out with a report that said Illinois and Iowa will have some of the best crops in the nation this year.

Whipple commented that the growing season is nearly complete, however a few more dry and mild days are needed to help dry crops out enough to harvest. Whipple says a good amount of moisture in corn is 25 to 30 percent moisture in the grains, while soybeans must wait for 13 to 15 percent moisture in the beans.

Woodland High School Greenhouse
The greenhouse at Woodland High School was recently repaired. Superintendent Hank Boer said the greenhouse took extensive damage following a severe hail storm on November 17th, 2013. Boer said the greenhouse was a "personal" project to get completed since the unit is used often during the school year and is part of the school's curriculum. Boer said the school finished paying off the project at Monday's school board meeting.

Marijuana Cultivation Center Denied
The McLean County Board has denied a special use permit for a proposed medical marijuana cultivation center. The board says it would be more like a factory than a farm. Tim Jones wanted to build the facility on land he owns near the central Illinois village of Downs.

Illinois Fracking
An Illinois legislative committee is delaying a decision on Illinois fracking rules. The panel wants more to time decide on whether the oil and gas drilling rules written by the Department of Natural Resources can take effect. It originally had until mid-October to act but has exercised a 45-day extension.

Emergency Landing
A Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago to New York has made an emergency landing after an engine warning light came on in the cockpit. The light came on shortly after Flight 321 took off from Midway International Airport headed to LaGuardia Airport. There were 118 passengers and five crewmembers aboard the aircraft. Passengers were placed on other flights headed for LaGuardia.

Tightrope Walk
Tightrope daredevil Nik Wallenda says he will walk from one Chicago high-rise to another on November 2nd. He will walk from one of the twin Marina Towers to the Leo Burnett Building on the other side of the Chicago River. The highest skyscraper walk in Wallenda family history will be broadcast on the Discovery Channel.